Each organization is unique, as is each project. Here at Electro Productions, we bring together a specially trained team to develop the solution that works best for you. We cater to your budget, your vision and your ideas in order to create the ideal project.

Some of the most common services we offer are listed to the right, but contact us if you’d like to learn more or have a special request.

Video Production

Video production is the creation of a multi-media video, film or series that allows you to convey your message in an innovative and engaging manner. Not sure how to do that? We can pair you with our copywriter, graphic designer and our video director to craft the best solution. We can look at films or ads with which you may be familiar and reproduce the “look,” or we can develop a look entirely unique to you.

If you know precisely what you want, we translate your vision to storyboards and schedule the most appropriate equipment and setup to accomplish that vision. You can be part of the process for each step, or you can sit back and relax, knowing that we will produce an exceptional product.

 Script & Copywriting

Writing scripts and copy follows a trajectory: inspiration, translation and experience. You have the inspiration – the idea you want to convey. We can translate that into a script, voiceover, web copy or print copy. Our ability to do this is dependent on shared experience: your experience with your audience or customers and ours with the industry.


In the film industry, the producer is responsible for creation, execution and distribution. We follow the film standard of assigning a producer to each project; he or she will be your contact each step of the way, working with you, updating you and facilitating the project.

The producer also serves the added function of creating your team and equipment schedule. Aligning with the nimble model developed by the industry, we utilize experienced contractors in order to keep costs down and quality at its maximum. This means we will schedule only the best and only what you need. We shoot all projects in high definition at no additional cost to you.

 Lighting & Sound Design

Professional lighting and sound are essential to a professional, clean product. We take the time to light your shoot properly, using the appropriate equipment and a professional layout.

Sound includes using excellent equipment, appropriate scoring and professional voice talent. We have a team of talented professionals from Los Angeles, Chicago and locally whom we call on to make your project sound pitch-perfect. From creating a grand score to writing a catchy jingle – we have the capability.

Motion Graphics

Visual design is always evolving and we ensure that we stay on top of the game. With advanced training and a team of professionals to call upon, we can create logos, graphics, and motion graphics that complement your project. They will seamlessly blend with your other elements and serve to enhance the overall look.


Post-production covers a vast array of important elements such as color correction, layering and blending of sound and video. Our editors have advanced training in the requisite software and techniques; this allows them to cut efficiently and effectively. We utilize the latest in editing technology, Adobeâ Final Cut Proä. We will also review the product with you to ensure that it aligns with your vision.

 DVD Authoring

From the designed menu options to the closing credits, we author your DVDs in a professional manner. Our service is timely, efficient and our final product is effective. Contact us for more details on how your video would benefit from our professional authoring capabilities.


Each type of product requires a unique type of distribution. We ensure that your product is formatted properly and at the highest quality, whether the video is to be shown in the theater, on an iPodä, or both. Contact us with any questions and we can help you determine what format is right for your product.